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Added new recipe

Thu Mar 19 18:25:05 PDT 2009

I just added a new recipe: List Files That Have Changed Between Two Revisions. Enjoy!

The recipe section is born!

Thu Mar 12 14:25:35 PDT 2009

I've decided to change the Tips and Tricks section to "Git Recipes for Common Tasks" as I believe that will be more useful. Started adding the first tip.

Working on Branching Basics

Tue Feb 3 14:49:43 PST 2009

Quick update: Today I added more to the Branching Basics article. Specifically, the "How Do Branches Work in Git?" section. Hope to finish up this article soon.

The Gitology News Section is Born

Mon Jan 19 15:24:50 PST 2009

Watch this page for news about Gitology. Might as well subscribe to the feed while you're at it. :-)

The minor update for today is that I'm working on the first articles for the site. I'll most likely start with Branching Basics.

More news soon.